Sincera SN845

  • SN845 Series focuses on economy, comfort, and durability
  • SINCERA SN845 the perfect choice for cost-conscious.


SN845 Series focuses on economy, comfort, and durability, making the SINCERA SN845 the perfect choice for cost-conscious drivers. This low-noise tyre features outstanding directional stability even at high speed. The new compound provides significantly improved aquaplaning resistance, wet and dry performance, with more wearable rubber which provides higher mileage and increased lateral stiffness for enhanced handling.


Wider Trend Width & Circumferential Grooves:

Maximum traction & improved wet & dry performance.

Deep Trend Depth:

More wearable rubber & provides high mileage.


Variable Multi Pitch Trend Design:

Minimum pattern noise for a comfortable drive.

Large Shoulder Blocks with Tie Bars:

Increase lateral stiffness for better handling & even trend wear


Size & Specs

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